Daniel J. O’Connor, M.D.




St. George's University of Medicine, Grenada
University of Minnesota/St. Cloud Hospital Family Medicine Residency, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Scope of Practice

About Me

Dr. O’Connor grew up in Cold Spring, Minnesota and always wanted to be a doctor from a very young age. He was always amazed at the knowledge the physicians were able to call up seemingly from nowhere. As he grew, the reasons changed, but the fascination stayed the same. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Biology at UMD and eventually returned home and worked in the nursing home as a nursing assistant. While there, his passion for family medicine was rediscovered when he realized that many of the problems residents were suffering from were from chronic and mostly preventable disease. Realizing this tempered his resolve to go to medical school. Dr. O’Connor was accepted to St. George’s University in Grenada, and he took this as an opportunity to broaden his horizons and knowledge. It was his first trip outside of the United States.  He spent the first 2 years on the island, and the next 2 years training in Brooklyn, NY. While he grew to love the hustle and bustle, Dr. O’Connor always knew he wanted to practice small town medicine.


Dr. O’Connor has a passion for preventative care, family medicine and obstetrics.