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Rachel Pappenfus will join Starbuck Clinic full-Time Sept. 6

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SCMC Starbuck Clinic will have even more medical coverage starting in September! Rachel Pappenfus, board-certified nurse practitioner will be joining the SCMC Starbuck Clinic team on a full-time basis! She enjoys providing care for patients of all ages and has over five years of experience in emergency medicine and had worked with SCMC Urgent Care for over 2 years. Rachel has been working intermittently between Starbuck Clinic and the Urgent Care Dept. at the Morris location for over 2 years and is now excited to work primarily in Starbuck!

If you are in need of a primary care provider call (320) 239-3939 to make an appointment with Rachel Pappenfus at the SCMC Starbuck Clinic today.

To learn more about Rachel, visit her provider page.