The birth of a child is a special experience. Stevens Community Medical Center offers birthing facilities and a caring staff that make it easy for families to experience this special time together. We will go out of our way to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

What We Offer

We have bedside ultra-sound available in-house. We provide two labor and delivery / postpartum rooms (and one postpartum room used for C-sections or overflow), which means you can give birth and stay in the same room. Our rooms are spacious and warmly decorated, offering a comfortable “homey” atmosphere. There is a large whirlpool birthing tub for water births, and we also make birthing balls available for labor support. SCMC has pain management options during labor such as an epidural, but we also offer nitrous oxide as an option for birthing mothers as well. Each room contains a rocker and large fold-out chair, available to fathers or other supportive individuals who may wish to stay the night. We also have a customized sink in each room for bathing the baby.

Our nursery is just across the hall, so new moms can rest while their newborn is cared for in the nursery. The nursery is staffed at all times. The option for rooming-in is also available.  See our recent deliveries.


Stevens Community Medical Center offers helpful classes that expectant parents can sign-up for as well and your OB provider and their nurse can provide you more information on these classes during your clinic visits. We have Breastfeeding Essentials classes with a certified lactation consultant and we also work with other community initiatives to bring you the Labor, Delivery & Beyond classes that we schedule several times throughout the year. For questions on either of these, you can ask your provider. At SCMC, we want you to have the chance to have those questions answered and provide you with resources for a successful birth story.

Labor, Delivery & Beyond

Stevens Community Medical Center partners with local Early Childhood and Ambulance to bring you a class for preparing for childbirth and parenting four times a year. Each session covers topics for new parents and even seasoned parents that want a refresher. Topics include: prenatal health, fetal development, stages of labor, labor techniques, C-sections, baby care, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, a hospital tour, child development, car seat safety, CPR and more. These classes are brought to you by the Stevens County Family Service Collaborative which includes, SCMC, Options for Women, Stevens County Ambulance Service and Morris ECFE. If you would like further information or to register, please call Diane Strobel at (320) 585-2237. No exclusions for inability to pay. You can also register online through Morris Community Education at www.morris.k12.mn.us (go to Community Ed tab, click Online Registration and Labor Delivery class will be in the ECFE link.)

Breastfeeding Essentials

SCMC offers a Breastfeeding Essentials class for expectant parents. This comprehensive class is instructed by Lactation Educator and Dietitian Noelle Syverson. Upcoming classes are in our SCMC Calendar of events and shared on our social handles as well.

Topics include:

  • The importance of breastfeeding
  • How breastfeeding works
  • Proper latch and positioning
  • Ways to improve success & reach your personal breastfeeding goals
  • Common concerns
  • How to incorporate breastfeeding into your work & social life
  • Breast pump basics