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Stevens Community Medical Center (SCMC) provides 24-hour radiologic coverage by St. Cloud-based Regional Diagnostic Radiology (RDR). With a team of over 20 radiologists, RDR has been serving Central Minnesota for five decades. RDR offers SCMC a combination of onsite coverage and advanced communications technology, enabling quick and precise responses to all patient and physician needs around the clock. SCMC performs all radiologic services onsite. Additionally, Dr. Francis Kigozi and Dr. Darrin Spoden offer procedural care for pain management, barium studies, biopsies, and more.

Scope of Radiologist Practice
Pain Management-
Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections
Nerve Root Block Trigger Point injections
Facet Injections
SI Joint Injections
Hip & Shoulder Injections
Barium Studies-
Upper GI’s & Barium Enemas
Paracentesis & more

A patient does need a provider order to perform a radiologic service. If someone feels they could use any of these services a provider order is still needed. For questions you can reach out to SCMC Radiology Director at 320-589-7640.

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